December 14, 2020

Zabit’s coach revealed that his cardio issues caused by diaphragm spasm

Zabit Magomedsharipov, currently #3 in the UFC’s featherweight rankings, has been sidelined since his last bout against Calvin Kattar which took place on November 9, 2019. Since then, Zabit was scheduled to fight Yair Rodriguez but their bout fell apart multiple times. Yair Rodriguez was injured earlier in the year and most recently he got suspended by USADA for 6 months by failing to file his location.

The Dagestani fighter is considered by many MMA experts as one of the most talented and well-rounded fighters in the featherweight division with a potential to become a champion.

There is one problem many experts and fans point out in Magomedsharipov’s game – he appears to slow down as the fight goes on. We’ve seen this in his most recent 3-round fights against Jeremy Stephens and Calvin Kattar. Zabit’s cardio issues could become a bigger problem when he takes a 5 round fight which he’ll have to face in the near future if he wants to get a shot at the title.

One of Zabit’s head coaches, Mansur Uchakaev, recently spoke to the Russian daily sports newspaper “Sport Express” and revealed the story behind Zabit’s cardio issues.

According to Mansur Uchakaev, Zabit Magomedsharipov was recently diagnosed with diaphragm spasms and slowing down in most recent fights has nothing to do with his stamina and cardio – it is a health related issue.

“He cannot take a full breath”, – says Uchakaev.

“He didn’t even know about it until he was recently diagnosed. We just found out not that long ago. If you’ve noticed, you’ll never see Zabit breathing heavy, not even when he is tired. He cannot breathe deeply. He has a spasm of the muscles but there is a way to solve these issues with the massage therapy. This spasm is the reason why Zabit was looking so tired. Besides that, he has no problems with his stamina – he trains, runs, wrestles for hours and doesn’t get tired. We just had some health related issues which we are hoping will be solved…”

Diaphragm spasm is not an uncommon issue among combat sports athletes. Taking shots to the middle abdomen and chest area could be a cause of such condition.

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