March 14, 2020

Will Khabib vs Ferguson and UFC 249 event be canceled because of coronavirus?

The coronavirus crisis, which was most recently declared as a pandemic by the World Health Organization, is becoming a real threat to sporting events all over the world. The American sports organizations NBA, NHL, MLS, and MLB already suspended their games indefinitely until further notice.

Is COVID-19 virus a real danger to UFC 249 event which is scheduled to be held in Brooklyn, New York on April 18th? Another question many of you may ask is what is a chance that Khabib vs Ferguson bout will be canceled because of the coronavirus?

Let’s not jump to conclusions and panic that UFC 249 won’t take place and we will never see the most anticipated matchup in the history of the UFC’s lightweight division. Many of you are probably thinking that there is a curse on Khabib vs Ferguson matchup which has been previously canceled multiple times.

But hold on a minute.

What we know at the moment is that UFC is not canceling their events prior to UFC 249. An upcoming weekend UFC Fight Night 170 event in Brazil will take place with no fans in attendance. But who cares, the fight game will still be broadcasted as usual (on ESPN+ in the United States).

The following events in the United States were scheduled to be held in Columbus, Ohio on March, 28 and in Portland, Oregon on April 11. They were relocated and will be held without an audience at the UFC’s headquarters – at the UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas.

Last year, UFC APEX hosted the 3rd season of Dana White’s Contender Series which consisted of 10 fight cards.

UFC APEX facility will host UFC events during the coronavirus crisis.
UFC APEX facility in Las Vegas will host UFC events during the coronavirus crisis.
Photo: DWCS LLC via Getty Images.

So what are they going to do with Khabib vs Ferguson and UFC 249 event? Unless the coronavirus crisis in New York gets under control in the near future, the UFC 249 event is unlikely to take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Or there is a slim chance it could be held at the empty Barclays Center.

But the most likely scenario seems to be that the UFC 249 and Khabib vs Ferguson fight will be also relocated to the UFC APEX in Las Vegas. Something extraordinary will have to happen within the next month for the UFC to cancel the UFC 249 event.

It doesn’t really matter where Khabib and Tony’s fight will take place, right? As long as they finally break that curse and fight each other once and for all – we will be okay with that.

Ali Abdelaziz tweets regarding canceling Khabib vs Ferguson because of coronavirus.

All UFC events will be broadcasted as usual on ESPN and ESPN+ in the US, and we will still be able to watch scheduled fights during these tough times while the world is dealing with the COVID-19 virus.

Let’s hope and pray that a situation with the coronavirus won’t get significantly worse within the next few weeks and UFC won’t have to cancel Khabib vs Ferguson bout and UFC 249 event as a whole.

The coronavirus can’t do that to us!


Khabib vs Ferguson fight could be canceled because of the coronavirus
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