February 4, 2022

What Made the WWE so Popular in the 80s?

As with most sports, wrestling fans have their own opinions on what is best, who is best, and what it takes to be considered the best wrestler out there whether it’s UFC or WWE.

One of the biggest arguments is which wrestling company is the best – with WWE, WCW, and other wrestling companies battling it out for the top spot. However, as much as it may be an ongoing rivalry between the wrestling companies; for most, there is no denying that WWE was the most popular promotion in the 80s, and here’s why.

1. The Wrestlers

Although there are some skillful wrestlers nowadays, many will argue that they won’t come up to the standard of wrestlers that the WWE saw in the 80s. People like The Hacksaw Jim Duggan brought more than just skill to the table – even their entry to the ring was filled with drama and the promise of something exciting.

In fact, the wrestlers of the 80s are still respected to this day with their expertise called upon year after year. Jim Duggan recently talked to Betway Casino about his love of the sport and what he thinks it takes to win a Royal Rumble. One of the pieces of advice he is keen to pass on to wrestlers is that staying in the ring is more important than fighting. “Try to stay away from people,” says Hacksaw Jim Duggan. “The less time you’re in contact with people, the longer you’re in the ring.”

When does the winner of the Royal Rumble enter the ring

2. The Branding

Although wrestling was popular in the 1980s, the WWE worked on appealing to a larger audience and its growth in popularity during this time showed that it worked. For example, they had a cartoon shown on prime-time Saturday morning TV which helped ensure that a younger audience not only had a love of WWE but didn’t have any interest at all in any of the other wrestling companies that were around at the time.

The WWE also pushed their branding via mainstream evening TV with wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan appearing on various talk shows at the time to push the wrestling company’s brand. 

3. The Money

There is no denying that WWE had some money behind it and this helped with its growth in popularity. It could afford top-name wrestlers; it took place in great venues and had money to be able to really put on a show. Wrestling in the 80s became about more than just who was fighting who and instead about putting on a show, which is something that the audience loved.

Although wrestling is popular today, during the late 80s and early 90s it was definitely the trend of the time. Children wanted to own the action figures, families sat down together to tune into matches, and wrestlers such as Hulk Hogan and Jim Duggan were proving massively popular. It became something that many people loved to tune in to watch – largely due to the dramatic wrestling matches but also the drama behind the scenes which helped to make everything that bit more popular. 

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