April 19, 2021

What fights might come next for Conor McGregor?

“The Notorious” Conor McGregor started his MMA career in Dublin, Ireland where he was born and
raised. His charisma, sense of humor, and ability to trash-talk his opponents before a fight
takes place have made him popular with spectators and fans of the UFC. Whether you’re a fan
of him or not, it’s hard to avert your eyes from his energetic persona when he’s on TV or if
you’re reading up on all his latest news.

There’s no question that McGregor is one of the top international UFC superstars, and when he
announces his next fight, you can guarantee all eyes will focus on the build-up to his event.
Bookmakers usually see an increase in wagering too. Conor’s worldwide media attention has
punters from all over the world betting on the UFC.

So, who’s next in line for the 32-year-old Irish fighting sensation? Well, fans sat up in delight
when Conor announced that he’d square up against Dustin Poirier for the third time. The date is
set for July 10th, 2021, and it’s expected to be a thrilling showdown between these two highly-
skilled athletes.

We don’t think Conor will stop there. There are many other skilled UFC lightweights and welterweights that McGregor
may fight down the pipeline. Continue reading to find out who we think Conor will most likely
meet in the UFC Octagon afterward – if he doesn’t decide to retire (again).

Dustin Poirier

On March 28th, Dustin Poirier confirmed that the epic trilogy will occur on July 10, 2021, at UFC 264. There’s no doubt that this will be an event to remember.

Dustin “The Diamond” hails from Louisiana in America, and he’s officially the highest-ranked UFC
lightweight fighter in the world now that Khabib Nurmagomedov retired. Dustin and Conor are no strangers, having fought each other twice in the Octagon already.

“The Notorious” made his mark in Vegas back in 2014, when he met Poirier at UFC 178. Conor
won the featherweight fight in the first round by TKO. After the match, Dustin moved to the
lightweight division, determined to make a name for himself.

The two athletes met again at UFC 257, where this time, Conor was unable to repeat his past
success. Poirier launched an aggressive early kick to McGregor’s left calf, leaving him
vulnerable. “The Diamond” stunned Conor with a right hook, and the Dubliner fell to the canvas
as Dustin claimed the victory by second-round TKO.

Now Conor is thirsty for a rematch against Dustin, and we’re delighted that the UFC will present
us with an action-packed, thrilling fight between these two superstars in July.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov is an undefeated Russian UFC fighter, and sports critics
agree that he is one of the best MMA participants the world has ever seen. He has an
astounding 29 victories under his belt and has yet to lose a professional MMA fight. He has previously beaten
McGregor at UFC 229.

Conor and Khabib fought each other in 2018 at a thrilling event in Las Vegas, Nevada. “The Eagle” won the
fight in the fourth round as he gripped McGregor in a rear choke-hold that forced the Dubliner to
tap out instantly.

There’s no love between these two athletes as Conor has previously mocked and insulted
Khabib in the build-up prior to the fight. We all know “The Notorious” takes delight in messing with his
opponents’ heads, but he may have gone a bit too far that time. Nurmagomedov came out, guns
blazing, and claimed his vengeance in the end.

After his father’s untimely death, Khabib stunned the world when he dropped the mic at UFC
254 and announced his retirement from the sport. He means to honor a promise to his mother
in the wake of his father’s passing. But if one fighter can persuade Khabib to come out of retirement, it would be Conor McGregor.

Nate Diaz

Nate “The Stockton Slugger” Diaz is a UFC fighter who was born in California, America. Conor
and Nate have fought twice in the Octagon, both claiming a victory and leaving the prospect of a
trilogy wide open.

Diaz and McGregor first battled each other in the welterweight division at UFC 196. Conor got
the upper hand in the second round and won the fight by gripping Nate into submission
“The Stockton Slugger” got his revenge five months later at UFC 202, but only by a thread. The
fight went the distance, with Diaz claiming the victory by 48 points to McGregor’s 47.
Diaz is set to return to the UFC as a lightweight this year, making a third meeting between the
two fighters all the more likely.

Justin Gaethje

Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje is an American lightweight UFC fighter from Arizona. Conor has
previously called out Justin for a fight, but he declined.

However, a meeting between these two is very much on the cards, as Justin took to social
media, voicing his pleasure at Conor getting knocked out by Poirier at UFC 257. There’s no love
lost between Gaethje and McGregor, so an upcoming fight between the two may be in the making at some point in the near future.

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