May 12, 2020

Tony Ferguson’s unorthodox crazy moves/Wing Chun vs Justin Gaethje (GIFS)

The main event of the evening at the UFC 249 Ferguson vs Gaethje was everything we hoped for. It was an absolutely amazing fight that crowned the new UFC interim lightweight champion Justin Gaethje.

Despite the loss, Tony Ferguson showed his true self, he did not give up despite taking a lot of damage, he lived up to his nickname “El Cucuy”. As usual, he was doing a lot of weird sh*t, unorthodox moves, and some kind of Wing Chun/Kung Fu/Mortal Combat techniques.

For all of you that enjoy good Tony Ferguson is the type of guy memes, I made some GIFs with the most entertaining Tony’s highlights from the fight with Justin Gaethje.

You are welcome to share these elsewhere, approved by “El Cucuy”!

I’m very curious to know what was going on in Gaethje’s head when he saw Tony doing this sh*t.

Or how about these thigh strikes Tony was repeatedly landing on Justin Gaethje? I think he targeted Justin’s thigh 3 or 4 times throughout the fight.

This was probably one of my favorite moments of Ferguson vs Gaethje fight.

This moment a little bit reminded me of Diego Sanchez’s moves in his last fight against Michal Pereira.

Tony was doing more and more weird stuff the further this fight went.

Which was your favorite “Tony moment” in his fight with Justin Gaethje? Share your comments below this post!

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