June 8, 2020

The truth about Sean O’Malley’s KO against Eddie Wineland

Sean O’Malley absolutely destroyed a veteran Eddie Wineland in their most recent bout at UFC 250. “The Suga Show” made Wineland look like an amateur with a deadly walk-off knockout victory.

O’Malley’s KO against Wineland was impressive and we starting to see a lot, a lot of hype around the undefeated 25-year-old bantamweight. But did O’Malley really surprised us and did something that we didn’t expect?

Eddie Wineland is a veteran with a pretty big name but his professional record with 14 losses speaks for itself. Furthermore, the version of Wineland that Sean O’Malley faced wasn’t the same Eddie that fought Urijah Faber and Joseph Benavidez almost 10 years ago.

Eddie Wineland was a perfect opponent to show off “The Suga Show” just like Cowboy was a perfect matchup for Conor McGregor’s first-round KO.

Was O’Malley’s walk-off knockout impressive? Absolutely, there is no question about it. Sean got some serious power for the bantamweight division and he is building his name as the most dangerous striker among 135-ers.

But we have to keep in mind the level of The Sugar Show’s opponents to this date. Yes, he knocked out José Quiñónez and Eddie Wineland but he did not yet compete against elite level fighters. He is also yet to fight a very good wrestler which will really show how good Sean O’Malley is and if he has a potential to be a champ or not.

O’Malley seems to be working a lot on his ground game which is a very promising sign. He competed in grappling events and seems to be very heavily invested in further improving his grappling. However, we don’t really know where he is at in terms of his takedown defense and ground game until he fights an elite level wrestler/BJJ black belt.

With all being said, it’s easy to understand the hype around “The Suga Show”. Sean O’Malley is one of the most talented young bantamweights in the UFC roster with potential star power. But we shall see if he’ll live up to the hype when he competes against the best of the best of the stacked bantamweight division. There are some killers out there…

What is your opinion on O’Malley’s KO against Eddie Wineland? Were you surprised or impressed by “The Suga Show” performance against a veteran? Are you jumping on Sean O’Malley hype train or not yet?

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