April 2, 2021

Petr Yan’s family & biography & personal life

Petr Yan is a Russian mixed martial artist competing in the UFC’s bantamweight division. Petr is a former UFC bantamweight champion – most recently he lost his title via DQ at UFC 259 to Aljamain Sterling after landing an illegal knee to a downed opponent.

As of recently, Yan has been gaining a lot of popularity in the MMA community and more and more people are interested to find out more information about Petr: his biography, personal life, as well as information about his family. Previously, we already covered Petr Yan’s training partners.

Below, we will share some facts about Petr Yan’s personal life, his childhood, early career, family, and kids which we found from the Russian sources.

1. Petr Yan was born and raised in Siberia

“No Mercy” Petr Yan was born in 1993 in one of the small villages in Krasnoyarsk Krai, in the middle of Siberia. A lot of sources (including Wikipedia) state that Petr was born in Dudinka, Krasnoyarsk Krai which is incorrect. Petr Yan’s family moved to Dudinka later on in early 2000’s.

2. Petr Yan has Chinese roots

Yan’s grandfather is an ethnic Chinese that’s why Petr carries Chinese surname and has some Asian features. His grandmother, on the other hand, has Georgian roots. But Petr was born in Russia and he describes himself as a “Russian Orthodox Christian man”.

3. Growing up, Petr was often involved in street fights

As a child, Yan frequently got in trouble for fighting in the streets and at his school. According to Petr, he always enjoyed fighting. Yan’s parents were often called in to the school after yet another incident that Petr was a part of. To deal with his rage, his parents decided that Petr should start training in taekwondo which was the beginning of Yan’s career in martial arts. At the time, he was 12-years-old and was also playing indoor soccer.

4. Yan used to work as a bouncer at a bar

There was a time when Petr worked as a bouncer at one of the bars in Omsk, Russia. Despite his disadvantage in size to most guests, “No Mercy” had no problem calming down drunk Siberian men. It is not a surprise as Petr earned the rank of Master of Sports of Russia after training boxing for 8 years.

Petr Yan with his wife Yulia and oldest son Daniil.

5. Petr Yan’s wife and kids

Petr doesn’t share much about his personal life to protect the family. We do know that Petr married his wife, Yulia Yan, a few years ago. It was never revealed when exactly Petr and Yulia first met. As of 2021, Petr and Yulia have two kids – two boys. Petr’s first son, Daniil, was born on July 29, 2016. On June 22, 2020, was born his second son, Konstantin.

Petr Yan with his wife Yulia and oldest son Daniil

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