February 10, 2020

Nikita Krylov: “Final rounds should be evaluated higher”

A Ukrainian light heavyweight mixed martial artist Nikita Krylov shared his opinion on the outcome of the main event at UFC 247. Jon Jones once again successfully defended his UFC light heavyweight title by getting a controversial unanimous decision win over Dominick Reyes.

“I think it was a political decision. THEY don’t want Khabib will be No 1 p4p…. This is the reason why John is still champion))
Of course it is a joke

I think it wasn’t a robbery. I think the decision was fair. I know rules – judges fill out scorecards immediately after each round. That is before the beginning of the 5th round in the cards of each judge there should be scores for 1, 2, 3 and 4. But I think it’s not OK.

My opinion this fight is an excuse for Athletic commissions to think again about rules because final rounds, should be evaluated higher. Final rounds show what damage you’ve done/got in the 1-3th rounds. If you beat a man for 15 minutes and he beat you for the next 10 minutes after that… It shows that you beat him not very well.

P. S.
I have spoken to a Russian media after the Jones vs Santos. I said the key to victory to Jones could be own pace. It’s so nice on a day off, to feel like you’re on the right way. “

Jones vs Reyes fight significant strikes statistics

Jon Jones got a unanimous decision win over Reyes with two scores of 48-47 and one 49-46. According to the stats, Dominick Reyes landed more significant strikes in rounds 1, 2, and 3. Jones took over and did more damage in rounds 4 and 5. Reyes landed more significant strikes through the fight as a whole but Jones had 2 takedowns (but he didn’t capitalize on those takedowns at all).

How would you score Jones vs Reyes fight? Don’t you think it’s time for the UFC to re-think their judging system? What do you think of Krylov’s idea that a winner of later rounds should have an edge in close fights?

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