February 6, 2019

Khabib’s boxing fight in Russia will take place this summer

After Khabib Nurmagomedov’s 9 month suspension by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, there is been a lot of uncertainty and rumors regarding what will Khabib do next. According to Khabib’s father, they still have one more fight under their current agreement with the UFC.

But recently in the Russian media, there are been some rumors about Nurmagomedov’s possible boxing fight which will take place in Moscow in the summer. It’s uncertain at this point of what this fight is going to be like, who will be Khabib’s opponent in the boxing ring, if it’s an exhibition fight or not, what are the rules and etc.

We believe that it’s not just rumors and Khabib’s boxing debut is actually going to happen. Additional information was recently given by the Secretary General of the Russian Boxing Federation, Umar Kremlev.

“We had a meeting with Khabib today (on February 6, 2019) and discussed a possibility of the boxing fight which will take place at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow this summer. I can’t give any more details at this point but we have a plan on how to make this fight happen. Khabib’s opponent won’t necessarily be Floyd Mayweather – it could also be Pacquiao or somebody else – we have a few other candidates. We will soon host a press conference with more detailed information about Khabib’s first boxing fight…”

What is your take on this news? Do you think Khabib is done with the UFC or he’ll be back after he’ll get his ass kicked in the boxing ring? Or maybe, this whole boxing thing is just a way to get a better deal from Dana White?

Your opinion is welcome in the comments below!

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