August 6, 2018

What Does Khabib Wear on His Head? It’s Papakha Wool Hat!

Khabib Nurmagomedov is a UFC Lightweight Champion and one of the most popular fighters at the moment. On October 6, he’ll face “The Notorious” Conor McGregor in a fight, which many people believe to be one of the biggest fights in UFC history.

Despite being one of the UFC superstars, there is not a lot of information out there about Khabib Nurmagomedov. For example, a lot of people wondering what is Khabib wearing on his head – it looks like a white afro wig or a hat. Here, you’ll find out what is it and a story behind it.

Khabib and Cristiano Ronaldo wearing papakha
Cristiano Ronaldo is wearing a papakha hat that he got from Khabib as a gift.

Papakha – Caucasian wool hat

Khabib is from Makhachkala city which is located in the Dagestan Republic of Russia, in the Caucasus region.

In the Caucasus, men wore wool hats called “papakha” for many centuries. Their meaning is that they represent men’s pride and they used to be worn by men at all times. For example, back in the day, it was considered unacceptable to take papakha off someone else’s head unless you are looking for trouble.

Papakha does look like a white afro wig but original hats are made of goat wool.

Why does Khabib wear that hat?

Khabib started wearing papakha since his first UFC appearance in 2012. The first time he wore papakha hat for weigh-in prior to the first UFC fight against Kamal Shalorus. He won that fight and since then it became his thing. Since then, we’ve seen Khabib wearing papakha before every UFC fight.

As Khabib mentioned in one of the interviews in Russia, this idea to wear papakha came to him from his family. They wanted him to differ from everyone else at the same time as to show respect to his Caucasus origins.

And you know what, it really worked. I don’t think you would ever hear of papakha if it wasn’t for Khabib. It’s his signature style, besides his perfect record it’s another thing that makes him different from any other UFC fighter.

This is a story behind Khabib’s mysterious white hat, which quickly became part of his UFC image.

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