March 17, 2019

A concept of Khabib Arena in a shape of papakha hat

A team of architects from Kazakhstan “Stron Holding” has proposed a concept design of the new sports venue and they named it after the UFC Lightweight champ – Khabib Arena. It has a shape of papakha hat which became famous and represents the republic of Dagestan. At night with lights, the Khabib Arena would look like a flying eagle.

According to this project, the Khabib-Arena will allow 7000 spectators. Besides competitions and concerts, it will also be used as a training facility for athletes of many sports.

The architects are currently looking for people that will invest in this project. No luck so far as this idea didn’t get great feedback in Russia. According to locals, there are better ways to use the money in Dagestan – for example, on education or healthcare.

What do you think of the idea to build the Khabib-Arena?

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