February 19, 2020

What is FPPF in DraftKings MMA/UFC fantasy?

Do you play weekly MMA fantasy games on DraftKings? Do you have any questions regarding MMA DraftKings tournaments, for example, what does FPPF mean in fantasy UFC?

Great news, you’ll find an answer to your questions here. And if you have any other questions, don’t feel bad to ask in the comments below this post. I’ve been playing MMA fantasy on DraftKings since it was launched and I have quite an experience doing so.

FPPF in MMA Draftkings fantasy games

You can see FPPF numbers by each fighter under their DraftKings price. So, what does FPPF stand for and what does it exactly mean?

FPPF is a fighter’s average Fantasy Points Per Fight. If we look at the example below, Dan Hooker’s FPPF is 80.2 which means he gets an average of 80.2 DraftKings fantasy points per fight. But in his last 2 fights, he did really well against James Vick (111 FPTS) and Al Iaquinta (95 FPTS).

Draftkings FPPF explained

Here is another example. Brad Riddell only had one fight in the UFC in which he earned 100.5 fantasy points which means his FPPF is also 100.5. This number will change after his fight against Mustafaev.

Brad Riddell MMA Draftkings Fantasy FPPF

As you can see, FPPF doesn’t mean much in regards to choosing your fantasy MMA lineup on Draftkings. This number is not very important and it does not accurately show which fighter has a better chance to win and earn more fantasy points.

A fact that a certain fighter did really well in the past and has a high FPPF number doesn’t mean that he will keep it rolling in his next fight. Instead, you should be more looking at fighter’s opposition in the previous fights, check out some statistics, how those fights went, and etc. MMA is a one-on-one combat sport and it is all about stylistic matchups, styles make fights.

Once again, you are welcome to ask your questions regarding the MMA DraftKings strategy and drafting your UFC lineups. I wish you luck in your DFS journey!

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