May 19, 2019

Does Max Holloway has a future at LW division after his loss to Dustin Poirier?

Max Holloway’s recent loss to Dustin Poirier brought up a lot of questions to whether he should come back to the Featherweight division or stick and continue to fight among Lightweights. Well, a lot of people (including UFC’s boss Dana White) are pushing Max to move back and defend his title at 145 lbs division. I’m not sure if it is a right move for him long-term so let me tell you my opinion on this matter. Holloway could go back to Featherweight and continue to destroy everyone in the division. I don’t doubt that Max is still the best Featherweight out there at the moment. He could easily come back and continue to fight at 145 lbs and probably keep the FW title for quite some time. But the question that comes to my head is how long will Max be able to cut so much weight? We all know that Holloway is one of the biggest guys fighting at 145 lbs and he cuts a lot of weight which is a huge stress on humans body and he is not getting any younger and healthier with every weight-cut. He won’t be able to do this for a very long time and eventually it will push him to either move up to 155 division or retire earlier than he would want to for health reasons. Now, keeping in mind that he will have to eventually leave Featherweight division, it could be a good idea to do so at this point and not wait until he kills himself with weight-cuts to 145. I mean, the way Holloway looks at weigh-ins at 145 lbs is kind of scary. Max Holloway weigh-ins at 145 lbsHolloway has the potential to become a champ at Lightweight. Despite his loss to Poirier, you can’t say that Max looked horrible in that fight. Yes, he wasn’t at his best. He looked physically small – but it’s something he could work on and it can be fixed. He can gain some lean muscle and be a little bit bigger and have more power in the future fights at 155 lbs. Another reason why I think Holloway lost to Dustin is that he underestimated his opponent. He hasn’t lost in a very long time and I feel like he believed in his power and his chin too much. It works when he fights against smaller guys but Poirier looked a lot more powerful than Max. Despite that, Max proved that he has a very strong chin even against Lightweights. He “ate” a lot of shots from Dustin who we can consider one of the best boxers in the Lightweight division. That’s a good sign for the “Blessed” moving forward. Considering it was Holloway’s first fight as a Lightweight and that he fought against one of the best guys out there, I can say with confidence that Max has lots of potential at 155 lbs division. He wasn’t at his best and he still was competitive against Dustin Poirier in his prime. I think it just shows how high Holloway’s ceiling could be. Khabib will probably soon leave UFC and it will open up opportunities for the others. For the others including Max Holloway. Once again, I believe he has the potential to become a Lightweight champion when Khabib retires. According to Nurmagomedov himself as well as his father, Khabib is not planning to fight for much longer. I doubt we will still see him in the octagon in 2 years. From what I’ve heard, Khabib’s goal is to have 2-3 more title defenses and retire undefeated with a perfect 30-0 record. This will open up the division for a guy like Holloway. Max is still young and he will be in his prime at the time when Nurmagomedov retires. I think it would be a smart move for him to start preparing for it right now, stick to Lightweight division (he already proved everything at 145 lbs), take a few fights at 155 lbs against easier opponents than “Diamond” and build up for the future.

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