January 13, 2020

Betting predictions for McGregor vs Cowboy at UFC 246

Finally! The time has come! A welterweight bout between Conor McGregor and Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will take place this weekend on January, 18 at UFC 246 event in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Aren’t you excited for a return to the octagon of “The Notorious” Conor McGregor? Even if you are not a fan of the Irishman, it’s hard to argue that he brings lots of excitement and a lot of attention to the sport. We are absolutely thrilled for McGregor’s upcoming fight with a future UFC Hall of Famer Donald Cerrone!

Below, you’ll find our betting predictions and tips for McGregor vs Cowboy bout at UFC 246. Who should you bet on in McGregor vs Cerrone fight? Will Conor be well-prepared and in good physical shape heading into the fight? Can “Cowboy” realistically beat “The Notorious” Conor McGregor?

Odds for McGregor vs Cowboy (as of 1/12/2020)

  • Conor McGregor -325 (you need to bet $325 to win $100 on McGregor’s victory).
  • Donald Cerrone +250 (if you bet $100 on Cowboy you will get $350 in case that he beats McGregor).
  • Over 1 1/2 rounds -120 (if you place a $120 bet that the fight will go over 1 1/2 rounds you can win $100 on your bet).
  • Under 1 1/2 rounds +110.
  • The fight goes to decision +400 (you will get a total of $500 if you place a $100 bet that McGregor vs Cowboy fight will go into a decision and your bet wins).
  • The fight doesn’t go to decision – 590.
  • McGregor wins by TKO/KO -210 (you risk $210 to win $100 on this particular bet).
  • McGregor won’t win by TKO/KO +160 (unless the Irishman wins by KO/TKO, you will get paid a total of $260 on a $100 bet).

Predictions for Conor McGregor vs Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone fight

This is going to be the first time we’ll see McGregor step into the octagon since October 2018 when he fought Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. A 36-year-old Cowboy, on the other hand, was very active in 2019. He had two wins against Alexander Hernandez and Al Iaquinta prior to suffering two TKO losses to Tony Ferguson and most recently Justin Gaethje (on September 14, 2019).

Styles make fights and we very well familiar with styles of both of these men. Generally speaking, this is a favorable matchup for “The Notorious” Conor McGregor. McGregor is one of the best and most technical strikers in the UFC; Cowboy is also a strong striker, he keeps his fights on the feet most of the time and doesn’t mind banging with his opponents. Cerrone has great kickboxing skills and he could have some success if he manages to keep a distance from Conor. But if McGregor will be successful at closing a distance, he will sooner or later connect with his left hand and knockout Cowboy.

Speaking of their ground game, Cerrone is known as a better grappler than McGregor. If Cerrone takes Conor down to the canvas, Donald might have a better chance of winning a fight. Throughout his career, Cowboy has 18 submission wins and according to Georges St-Pierre, his grappling skills are very underrated.

What else should be considered when making a betting prediction for McGregor vs Cowboy fight? Motivation could play a big part in the outcome of this fight. Conor seems to be extremely motivated and focused on getting it done. He desires a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov and getting a win in this fight will be a step in the right direction.

Cowboy, on the other hand, is a veteran martial artist with 50 professional fights behind his back. Keep in mind that Donald is also a family man, he had some injuries and taken a lot of damage throughout his career. He is a true legend of the sport with the most wins in UFC history but realistically Cowboy has no chance to win a title at this point which questions his motivation. He is unlikely to fight for much longer considering all of the above. There is a good possibility this bout with McGregor could be the last for Cerrone. Win or lose, he is going to make the biggest paycheck of his entire career for fighting Conor, most likely more than he made in his previous 50 fights combined.

Best bets for McGregor vs Cowboy

There is a chance that Cerrone will beat McGregor especially that this fight is taking place at welterweight 170 lbs. But considering Conor’s motivation and the fact that he put on a significant amount of muscle mass, we aren’t going to bet against “The Notorious”.

McGregor should dominate Cowboy in a stand-up battle and sooner or later knockout his opponent. A first-round finish from the Irishman is a good possibility according to the odds (+200) but this fight can also go into later rounds. Conor had a strong 3rd round against Khabib and had some strong moments in later rounds of the 5 round war with Nate Diaz. His cardio shouldn’t be a concern in this fight. That’s why we can see McGregor finishing Cowboy in any round and we predict McGregor to win by TKO/KO at -210 odds (higher potential payout than betting on McGregor’s victory at -325).

A riskier bet we also like is “Over 1 1/2 rounds” at -120. Most fans expect this fight to have a similar scenario to Cowboy’s last bout with Justin Gaethje when he got KO’d in the first round. Our prediction is that Cerrone will be more careful in the first round and it won’t be a quick and easy win for Conor. Cowboy will give a good fight to McGregor and fight his heart out but unlikely be able to survive until the decision.

Poster for McGregor vs Cerrone fight

What are your predictions for the main event at UFC 246? Who would you put your money on in McGregor vs Cowboy bout? Do you think it’s going to be a competitive fight or Conor will knockout Cerrone in the 1st or 2nd round? Your thoughts and predictions are always welcome in the comments below this post!

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