February 1, 2019

Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov: we have one more fight in the UFC

Khabib’s father and also his coach, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, recently spoke to the Russian media after Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended for 9 months and fined the undefeated Lightweight champ.

Do you agree with the punishment from NSAC?

It was expected and we knew suspension was coming our way but we strongly disagree with it. You see the difference in the punishment for Khabib and McGregor – it’s what we call “double standards”. Why Khabib got $500K fine and McGregor only $50K, 10 times less?! McGregor is getting away with everything: with that bus attack, he was the one who attacked Abubakar Nurmagomedov first before he jumped inside the octagon. And yet he only gets a 50 thousand dollars fine.

How many fights Khabib has in his current contract with the UFC?

Only one fight. And after that, we want to be free from UFC or make a new deal with them which will meet our terms. If we won’t be able to come to an agreement with the UFC then we will organize a fight without them or look at other options. For example, we really want to fight in Russia but UFC won’t allow a title fight in Russia. As long as we are under the contract with the UFC we have to do whatever they decide.

When will Khabib fight next?

Khabib’s suspension ends on July 6. But he will be fasting during the Ramadan until June 4th. Then he will need some time to recover and go through training camp which we normally do 70-80 days prior to a fight. So we are talking about the end of August or beginning of September at the earliest. Then, it’s not all up to us and when we want to fight – a lot of it depends on the UFC and their schedule.

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